Some Philharmonic

Some Philmarmonic

Some Philharmonic

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1980s avant new wave funk band formed in the University of California San Diego Music Department, with Elma Mayer, Tom Rettig, Deane Rettig, Steve Knopoff, David Friendly, Steve Christian, Carmen Borgia, Dave Blackburn, Chris Klich, Victor Zupanc and others. Later the band relocated to Oakland and then Los Angeles, and added Joe Moe, Michael Webster and Richard Crawford to the roster. Alumni include Everett Shock, Lynn Murdock, Erling Wold & Mark Crawford (who along with Richard Crawford were part of the seminal Oakland band Name), and Ed Summerfield, Mark Nemoyten and Nik Phelps.

Mr. Woodbury played bass, sang and co-wrote most of the songs on the self-titled LP.

The unreleased 2nd album “More Fruit” features a reworking of “People Do It (When They’re Having Sex)."

Off-shoots included the short-lived Pulu & Ingrid and King Pez.

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