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Brian Woodbury has written dozens of songs – or maybe hundreds, we've lost count of how many kids' tv-film songs have earwormed their way into today's youths' formative years. For example, the infamous theme song from Pepper Ann, the Teachers Pet film theme song, a huge number of songs from Bear in the Big Blue House, Book of Pooh, etc.

Pepper Ann is an American animated series created by Sue Rose and aired on ABC. It debuted on September 13, 1997, and ended on November 18, 2000. It aired as part of the Disney’s One Saturday Morning block. Mr. Woodbury wrote and produced the theme song.

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Bear in the Big Blue House is a television program for adults and children produced for the Playhouse Disney channel by Mitchell Kriegman and The Jim Henson Company. It first aired in 1997. Mr. Woodbury was principal songwriter and occasional underscoring composer for Seasons 1-3 and supervising songwriter for Season 4. He also wrote songs for and scored the two Bear in the Big Blue House video games.

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Teacher’s Pet is an animated television series about a 9 year old boy and his dog who dresses up as a boy. Created by Gary Baseman, Bill Steinkellner and Cheri Steinkellner and directed by Timothy Björklund, it was broadcast on Disney’s One Saturday Morning on ABC. The show ran from 2000 to 2002. Mr. Woodbury co-wrote (with Peter Lurye) the theme show’s song “I Wanna Be a Boy.”

Disney’s Teacher’s Pet is an animated musical film from 2004 based on the television series of the same name; the film ends the central storyline of the series. The film was produced by DisneyToon Studios, and released theatrically on January 16, 2004. Despite being a box office bomb, the film did very well with critics.

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The Book of Pooh is an American television series that aired on the Disney Channel. It is the third television series to feature the characters from the Disney franchise based on A. A. Milne’s works. It premiered on February 9, 2001, and completed its run on July 8, 2003. Mr. Woodbury was supervising songwriter.


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It’s a Big, Big World is a children’s television show on PBS Kids, that debuted January 2, 2006 and ran until 2010. The show revolves around a group of animals living in the rainforest. The main character is Snook the sloth. Mr. Woodbury was a principal songwriter.

Other Film/TV

The Actual Show (1999)

An unproduced fake reality TV show about Psychiatrist, a struggling band from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Go On and Tell Her, sung by Rob Shapiro

The United States of Cleorge (2023)

by Barnaby Levy, music Brian Woodbury

Grifters (2013)

A short film directed by Barnaby Levy, with score by Mr. Woodbury.


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