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7 thoughts on “Comments? Questions? Complaints?”

  1. Mitch Friedman

    Rhapsody & Filigree, with its mind-bending array of musical and lyrical ingenuity comes as no surprise to this fan of more than 30 years. That is to say, it comes as no surprise that it’s an album filled with surprises, as has been Brian’s modus operandi all along. How one man can continue to innovate, seemingly effortlessly, while retaining his signature sense of humor, intelligence, and melody over hundreds of compositions sets the bar that much higher for the rest of us going forward.

  2. Steve Weisberg

    With Rhapsody & Filigree, once again Brian unleashes his smorgasbord of brilliance, never ceasing to amaze and surprise with his unique lyrical and musical whims. This new release is a stunning achievement, and my quality of life has already improved after the first listen through. Thank you Brian!

  3. I love these songs! Clever lyrics, catchy melodies, great vocals, interesting arrangements, and unexpected turns. Covering a wide range of musical genres, all are recorded with great care. A longtime fan, I always get a kick out of Brian’s witty wordplay and artful storytelling; his music makes me smile. So much is packed into Rhapsody & Filigree, it’s good to do a deep, headphones-on listen.

  4. Ecstatic! If “Rhapsody & Filigree” only contained the first & last songs and nothing else, it would be more than enough to enthrone this album in the pantheon of exalted music.

    But no, there’s more! How lucky we mortals be to have all those other supreme songs, book-ended by the brilliance of “Theseus Rex” and “Brief Mass”.

    I have listened to this 70+ minute album at least 10 times so far, and I’m still discovering new intricacies and wows.

  5. Brian is a gem. No one gets me grinning and chuckling and rubbing my chin quite like a-him. Rhapsody & Filigree is a gem. A sparkler, unmistakably beautiful and rare. If we launch another gold-plated record into space it should be this one. It has intelligence and heart.

  6. ‘Rhapsody & Filigree’ kicks off with a runaway suite of polished weapons-grade Woodbury riffs, lyrics, arrangements, ideas, and the extra genius stuff he and his band cook up. It felt like a firehose three feet from the forehead. I had to take a break halfway through this first track.

    Then the album continues with songs…very very good songs. Some you can’t help but really care deeply about after just a few listens.

    Don’t even think of using this as background music. Ever.

  7. Claudio De La Loza

    Another shocking album! Great music! Imaginative and surprising arrangements! I love Brian Woodbury’s music in general, and I found all 4 albums in the “Anthems & Antithets” serie were fantastic. In particular I love “Rhapsody & Filigree”, which in some passages reminded me of an album that is already many years old, but which is still one of my favorites: “Variety Orchestra”.
    Brian: thank you once again for giving us the joy of enjoying your music.

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