Two Musicians, One Name

The Other Brian Woodbury

A couple of years ago, I discovered there was another musician also named Brian Woodbury. He was a young jazz trombonist who was just releasing his first solo album.

I really liked his music, except for one thing: it was getting mixed up with mine on all the streaming platforms. According to the internet, we were the same person. 

So, I got in touch with the other Brian to see if we could try to straighten it out together.

But it proved more difficult than you could imagine. You can’t just call someone at YouTube. And the process for disentangling two same-named artists is byzantine. 

In frustration, we decided to really confuse the algorithms by writing and recording a song together.

Thus was born “The Other Brian Woodbury.” It’s the second single from my new album Rhapsody & Filigree.

I hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t, I blame the other Brian Woodbury.

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1 thought on “Two Musicians, One Name”

  1. So paradoxical, so quixotic, so perplexing, so peroxide-free, so excellent, is this multiplicity of Brian Woodburys!
    The other one’s a pretty good bone man.
    Deeply enjoyed this.

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